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2007 Eastern National Meet

Early Ford V8 Club of America


What folks had to say about the Meet:

  •  This is an open letter to all of NOVA's ENM team members.

     As I write this the Eastern National Meet for 2007 is history and now it's like the Cinderella story. The Meet Headquarters has turned back into the Hyatt hotel, the Show Field is just a parking lot and the Safety Inspection is just a couple of parking spaces., The Registration Room is another Hyatt Board Room, and all of the V8 signs that pointed the way to the festivities, are gone.  Now it's just a memory.

     I loved the innovative, creative thinking that went into the details and planning.  Instead of those canvas carry all bags, you used  a Bob Drake cooler, Great idea! And the goodies inside the bag showed that a lot of thought and time went into choosing them.  There is a shammy, tire gage, map (for those of us who are directionally challenged), a beautiful glossy program, a collection of NOVA's technical tips. What you didn't have was the usual 'stuff' that would end up in the hotel's trash can. The denim apron for the judge's is a treasure.  And the raffle tickets, you had a block of tickets with all the same number, and ONE TICKET STUB, which was wonderful. (I still didn't win anything)

     I understand that the Welcome party was a huge success, and got everything started on the right foot. The Bar B Que was outstanding. So many things to see, the food was great, so was the blue grass band, and the owner's wife was a treat.  Having the Model A club there to help with the parking was an excellent idea. And when we received the Bill Widenhouse Award, it made that much nicer.

     It's getting harder and harder to find a quality hotel that will accept a contract on our type of show.  The hotel personnel couldn't have been nicer. The location was excellent. The surrounding area was beautiful and offered many restaurants, stores, etc.

     Then you arranged all of the bus tours to different locations.  And made arrangements at the awesome Air and Space Museum. Then there were  seminars, the raffles, banquets, the attention to the details. The list goes on, and on. You had something for everyone.

     I know there must have been problems, there always is, a show of this size is not easy to run. But any problems that you may have had were transparent to your guests.  And if there were complaints, there are some people that cannot be pleased, no matter what you do. Your planning involve other people and companies outside of your immediate group. So if the tour company decided to change the agenda, or the chef had a fight with his spouse, or the bus driver overslept. Those are trivial problems, they were out of your hands, so forget it and let it go.

     All of your hard work, organizing, time, headaches, and sleepless nights paid off. You hosted one of the finest Early Ford Meets that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. You have set a new benchmark that others can only hope to achieve.  You did good.

     Warm Regards Josie O'Donnell

    P.S. in reference to my Cinderella analogy, I'm glad that our cars didn't turn back into pumpkins.


  •  Cliff, you and Hank and all of the Meet Committee did outstanding work in planning and implementing the plans for the 75th Anniversary Meet. I have shown cars at V-8, AACA and Classic Thunderbird meets and this meet was by far the best organized that I have ever attended. The attention to the smallest detail was amazing. The NVRG has definitely raised the bar for future meets to try to achieve.

    Please express my appreciation to all of the members of NVRG for an outstanding meet.

    Joe Wright


  •  Thank you so much for your hospitality at the meet!  I'm sure you guys are pretty much whipped at this time.

     Hank, I don't know why but I just never got the chance to say hello while we were there.

    Our group all made it safely home yesterday.  No significant problems with any of the cars on the entire trip.  One thing that I wanted to ask that we just never heard during the week:  what was the count of the number of registrations and the number of cars present?  Seemed quite large to me.  We wanted to include that information in our local newsletter.

     Thanks again for everything - try to get some rest!

    Ken Bounds


  •  Cliff, I would be remiss if I didn't drop a note to you, your co-chair and your entire team from the NVRG for their efforts on the 2007 Eastern regional Meet in Fairfax. I had a wonderful time and saw some fine examples of Early V8 Fords.

     My thanks to all who worked the meet it was a stellar effort and you should all be proud!

     It was my first experience at at regional meet and my wife and I went down to see what a regional meet actually is. We arrive early Friday afternoon and left on Sunday morning, not having a vehicle and deciding at the last minute to attend we did not plan for a lot of activities we should have ( our fault ). That said we had a terrific time, met some wonderful V8er's from various states and I think learned a lot.

     Thank you again to your team and hope to see you at another regional meet soon.

     Lou Bousquet


  •  Hey Clem: I agree with you 100%...WOW!!...what a great time I had at the Fairfax meet!! You were actually the first person I looked for after I got settled into my parking space and checked into the hotel. I not only knew I would enjoy meeting and chatting with you about these old Fords, but I also knew that you had to know where the closest gas station was located in the area of the Hyatt Hotel since my '35 sedan ran out of gas just as I was parking on the hotel lot. A bit embarrassing to say the least, but that %$@#! hydrostatic gas gauge doesn't work and I thought I would get much better gas mileage than I actually did. I don't even want to mention that my car also began overheating about 3 miles prior to reaching the Hyatt. Where was Skip with a set of his cool running water pumps when I really needed him?? Sending him a set of cores will be tops on my do list for this week! I think I met more great folks and saw more super Ford V8's in those four days than I have met or seen in the last 20 years. I met about four other active Fordbarner's (can't remember their names) as well as many who lurk here and others who occasionally post here. I did look for Redneck and CP but could only find their cars parked on the lot. I was also planning to post a write-up here along with some of the many great pictures I took at the show but I'm presently locked into catching up on the “honey do” list right now, and it may be a few days before I will have some time to do anything like that.
    I would really like to give a big THANK YOU!! to all the ladies and gents from the Northern Virgina RG who put on this great event! I know you all worked very hard to make this show the huge success that it was. I also need to give Cliff Green (Co-Chairman of the meet) a big thanks for showing up at my breakfast table (about ˝ hour before a left on Sunday morning) urging me to check my ticket stub for a possible winning number in the Chinese Raffle. Sure enough I had the winning ticket for a Quaker State Banner that he had personally donated!! It's already hanging on my garage wall above my '35 Ford.

    Regards, John (Originally posted on Fordbarn)


  •  It was a lot of fun. Two of our sons and their wives and our grandchildren came along as well. They pretty much focused on D.C and had a ball. My wife and I went to Antietam, a very sad place, as well as Mt. Vernon, Monticello, and Harper's Ferry. Anytime that we travel somewhere we assume that you might not ever be back. Everyone went to the Cross Farm and had a great time. It's not often that you have an up close view of local color. That was a memorable event and the meet was very well organized. You did a great job.

     We brought a '49 Ford Business Coupe, a first timer, with just under 4000 documented miles. It got a Dearborn with 982 points which is very satisfying. One son and I had many late nights getting it ready over the last few months. It was a ton of work but a very nice car before we even started. That made it much easier to complete. We had hoped to bring an Emeritus '37 Fordor but had problems with the tow vehicle. But then, it has been to a few meets already. We'll take it to Michigan next year.

     Bob King    




Created 11/28/07