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2007 Eastern National Meet

Early Ford V8 Club of America

Meet Publications

All publications below are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat reader

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  •  Promotional Brochure - Full color, three panel brochure that was widely distributed before the Meet (at the 2006 Eastern National Meet and at Hershey, Fall, 2006) to generate interest. Our Special thanks to Ken Bounds of the Northern Illinois Regional Group for generously printing this full color brochure for us. (182 kb)

  •  Agenda - Full color agenda of the meet. (215 kb)

  •  Meet Program - Full color, 20 page glossy souvenir program. Download either the 8.5x11 single page PDF (Caution: 75,920 kb) or 17x11 double page spread PDF (Caution: 44,692 kb).

  •  Self-Guided Tours - Highly descriptive and detailed tour booklets that include points of interest and historical narrative about the area. Download the Clifton and Occoquon (Caution: 46,651 kb) or Manassas (Caution: 26,881 kb) brochures.

  •  Tour Checklist - Excellent "Getting Ready to Tour" checklist developed by Tom O'Donnell of the Northern Illinois Regional Group. Their entire contingent of V-8s traveled to the Meet and back trouble-free. (63 kb)

  •  Cross Farm Handout - Meet the generous hosts of the Country BBQ. Also maps and scenic driving directions. (561 kb)

  •  Tech Tip Booklet - Twenty four page booklet of valuable Tech Tips to keep your V-8 running great. Many of these articles have been reproduced in the V-8 Times. (3,856 kb)

  •  Banquet Program - Each attendee found one of these Banquet Programs at their place at the Awards Banquet. (132 kb)



Created 11/28/07