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2007 Eastern National Meet

Early Ford V8 Club of America


First Place Touring Awards

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Patrick Fenner

1932 Deluxe 5 Window Coupe

Don Ramsburg

1936 Deluxe Convertible Sedan

Jim Parsons

1938 Deluxe Business Coupe

Ken & Barbara Stewart

1939 Deluxe Convertible

Ed Hainke

1941 Panel Truck

Tom Blossom

1946 Deluxe Coupe

Gary Wilmer

1950 Mercury Sport Sedan

Willis Terrett

1951 Victoria

Bob Brown

1951 Convertible

David Blum

1953 Lincoln Capri Convertible

Second Place Touring Awards

Pat McFarland

1932 Deluxe Fordor

Sam Castles

1940 Standard Coupe

Alan Whelihan

1942 Lincoln Continental Coupe

Eric Sumner

1946 Super Deluxe Tudor

Ken Bounds

1950 Convertible

John Girman

1953 Victoria

Bill & Betty Mills

1953 Mercury Hardtop

Third Place Touring Awards

Joe Kozmic

1937 Deluxe Coupe

David Blum

1939 Lincoln Zephyr 4 Door Sedan

Lee Shanks

1948 Super Deluxe tudor

Cecil Goff

1950 Convertible

Thomas McGovern

1959 Mercury 4 Door Sedan

Jim Nice

1951 Victoria




Created 06/27/07