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Bob Belsley

Bob at the 2007 Eastern National Meet in Fairfax, Virginia

Return to a 1950 Ford

(A Mid-life Thing)

My name is Bob Belsley and below is my 1950 Tudor Ford Custom.  The car is painted Colonial White, has a red and white Naugahyde interior, a V-8 flathead with dual Stromburg 97s, Offy heads, headers, duals, Smithy mufflers, flipper hub caps, Coker radial whitewalls and blue dots. The only body modification made was the removal of the hood ornament, which was replaced by a bullnose strip. I still have the hood ornament as a wall hanger in my garage. I owned a '50 Ford similar to this in high school and college in the '50ís. It did not have all of the goodies mentioned above. Raise your hand if you have ever heard that line before. In the early '90ís I got the urge to own another '50 Ford. This is the story of my return to a '50 Ford. Hope you enjoy it.



 This is the interior. NOW. If you want to hear the full story keep scrolling. Otherwise I hope you enjoy these few shots of my mid '50ís Cruiser.

 Growing up in the '50ís in Washington, DC, was great. I graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1955. I bought the 1950 Ford Tudor Custom from Dave Thompson. I have known Dave since the first grade and we still go to car shows together. He sold the Ford to buy a 1955 Chevy. He now has a '57 Chevy 150.


Although these pictures are black and white, the car was painted an off white, probably Snowshoe white. It had a black and white Naugahyde interior with a white perforated headliner. The engine was stock. Checkout the 1957 D.C. license plates in the picture above.

 I sold the 1950 Ford and bought a Corvair. I canít believe I did that. But I did trade the Corvair in for a 1963 split window Corvette. That made more sense. The Corvette is another story. I sold the Vette and married Sandy Shaw (there she is with the car) a Walter Johnson High School graduate. We have been married almost 40 years with two children, Justin and Meighan.


 My first car was a 1948 Crosley Station Wagon that I bought with another high school friend, Larry Hawley. We were crazy and I was almost 16.


 Look at what people do with Crosleys today. Took this shot at some auto show.

Fast forward to early 1994. I develop a Mid-life Crisis and need to have a white 1950 Ford. While killing time in a bookstore waiting for an airplane, I pick up an Auto Trader magazine. There was my new baby waiting for me in Wheeling, West Virginia. A fast phone call, a few dollars and a flatbed and the Hawthorne green 1950 Tudor Custom was mine. Ironically, the original color of my first 1950 Ford was Hawthorne green.


 I could have driven it home but did not want to take the chance of a breakdown. It was a good driver with the original interior. I drove it for about six months without doing much to it.


Six moths after I got the Ford I received a flyer that the 40th reunion for the Woodrow Wilson class of 1955 was scheduled for October 1995. Here the restoration begins in October, 1994, with one year to complete the job so we can take the Ford to the reunion. Out comes the original but worn interior.


 The headliner was in fair shape but the interior was removed and was replaced.

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Updated: 03/09/2019