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Hank Dubois

I have been a member of the Northern Virginia Regional Group since 1987 and have served on the Club's Board of Directors for quite a bit of that time in a variety of positions, including as President in 2002 and 2003. My better half, Cindy, and I own 3 of Henry's finest: a '35 3-Window Coupe, a '35 Cabriolet and a '39 Deluxe Woodie. I have been interested in (actually fascinated by) the early Ford V-8 since I was a teenager in the late '50's and early '60's. I have a fair degree of technical knowledge on '35 (and to a lesser extent '36) Ford cars and would be happy to try to answer any questions regarding these years. I'm now trying to develop a similar degree of expertise on '39 Ford cars. I am also interested in traditional flathead-powered Ford hot rods, i.e., the kind built after WWII until around 1960, and always enjoy seeing, talking about and sharing information on these cars.

Hank at the 2007 Eastern National Meet, Fairfax, Virginia

Hank's '35 3 Window Coupe as it appeared in the 2006 NVRG Calendar

This is the 2nd '35 3 Window Coupe we bought. It's an early production '35 Deluxe 3-Window Coupe, which was purchased nearby in Virginia in July 1998. It is a nice, rust-free original car that came to Virginia by way of New York and Pennsylvania. Other than a '36 LB engine and correct new LeBaron Bonney upholstery, this car was pretty much as Henry built it; it even has quite a bit of its original paint. However, since the LB engine has dome top pistons and needed valve work anyway, I have decided to replace it with the engine pictured below. I've converted the coupe in a '50s style hot rod  but made all the modifications in such a way (no holes were drilled through any metal) that the car can easily be returned to stock condition.

This is the engine that I'm using in our '50's-style hot rod. It's a '41/'42 Mercury that was originally built as a hot rod motor for drag racing in California during the '50's. It has had 4 owners and has been installed in at least 3 early Fords since that time. I had it "freshened up" for street use by veteran flathead engine builder Ron Holleran from Chester, Vermont. Ron has been building performance flatheads since the '50's and is well known in the Northeast's flathead hot rod fraternity. Thanks to Ron, the engine now has a 4" crank in addition to it's original bored, ported and relieved configuration and measures out at just under 280 cubic inches. It has a new set of Offenhauser heads, a race dual-pattern cam from Ron's inventory and runs 2 Stromberg 97 carburetors on an Offenhauser manifold.

This is the 3rd V-8 we bought, a late production '39 Deluxe Station Wagon, which was purchased in New Jersey in November 2000. This car had always been in New Jersey and is all original except for a nice brush paint job done sometime in the '50's, reupholstered 2nd and 3rd seats, and replacement plywood in the tailgate. Even the top on this car is sound and original and only a very little wood repair is needed. We have the entire history on the car since new and even have an original set of keys on the selling dealer's key fob! For an original Woodie, this car is in unusually good condition especially considering the fact that it was used as a commercial vehicle by an upholstery shop from 1940 until 1964. We plan to  conserve this car as an original V-8 Woodie. This picture was taken on our lawn in May 2002.

Hank also owns this '35 Cabriolet which is undergoing a frame-up restoration.

This is our 1st V-8, a late production '35 Deluxe 3-Window Coupe, which was purchased locally from NVRG Club member Owen Beeder in October 1987. It is a fairly original car that had a cosmetic (paint and upholstery) restoration over 25 years ago but is still quite presentable. The car came to Virginia over 35 years ago by way of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This picture was taken shortly after we got the car and was used on our 1987 Christmas card.

Updated 03/12/2019