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John Girman

John at the 2007 Eastern National Meet in Fairfax, Virginia


John's '53 Victoria as it appeared in the 2006 NVRG Calendar

Patty and I have been members of the NVRG since 1997 and I've served on its Board since 1999.

Our first early Ford V8 is this 1946 Deluxe Tudor, which my father bought in 1974 and we were given in 1997. It hasn't run since about 1984 but I'm currently working on the engine and think it's close to running. The brakes will be next. While the body and chassis are solid, the paint has deteriorated and the interior will have to be completely re-done.

We located our 1953 Ford Victoria in Indiana in July 2002. We flew out to look at it, bought it and drove it over 525 miles home to Vienna, VA. Patty and I both have a long history with 1953 Fords, including dating each other in one during high school. The car has a three-speed overdrive but the overdrive isn't currently working. Overall, the car is in good shape but there are enough things that need work to keep me busy for several years. Nonetheless, while not a show car, it's a good looking driver and we anticipate a lot of fun touring in it.


OK, this is not an early Ford V8 but it is a flathead Ford. Moreover, it's the flathead Ford that made the flathead Ford V8 possible by creating the Ford factory, infrastructure and expertise needed to develop it. This is our 1923 Model T Ford Touring, which has been in the family since 1967.


Updated 04/14/2019