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New Wood for Woody II

The roof assembly is crated and loaded on the car trailer at Cincinnati Woodworks. The rest of the body is wrapped in furniture pads and stowed in the bed of Charlie Morrison's pickup.

Fellow Northern Virginia Regional Group members Bill Selley and John Sweet are on hand to help unload the body back in Virginia. The front doors are the first items to be unwrapped.

Hank Dubois and the left rear quarter panel.

John thinks the rear door would make a good picture frame.

Bill Selley brings in the new tailgate. Only the roof to go now.

The last piece to be unloaded is the roof assembly. Charlie briefs us on how we're going to do it. Many thanks to all who came over to help me unload my new toy. Left to right: Bill Selley, Mike Mote, me, Dave Gunnarson,  Dave's children and wife Sarah, John Sweet, Dave's nephew (partially hidden behind Charlie), Eric Sumner and Hank Dubois.

The roof is put on a furniture dolly in preparation for moving it up the driveway.

My special thanks to Charlie for the use of his pickup and trailer in this undertaking and his unceasing willingness to help other V-8ers. My particular thanks to his wife Dorothy for letting him come out and play with me.

Updated 05/04/03