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2007 Annual City of Fairfax Show

May 19, 2007

City Hall, Fairfax, Virginia
City Hall provides a beautiful venue for our show! Last Year's 2006 Best of Show, a 1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible poses in front of City Hall The beautiful 2006 Best of Show Winner is owned by Richard Brooks

Show Field - Armstrong Street in front of Fairfax City Hall provides a beautiful venue with plenty of shade and grass

Cars - a wide variety and a great turn out made the show a success. Thanks to everyone who brought a car or stopped by to look

Service & Military Vehicles - specialized vehicles that aren't commonly seen at local shows

People - what would a show be without the opportunity to talk with you friends

Awards - plenty of recognition for all those trophy winners - our thanks to those who sponsored the multitude of trophies

Fire Safety for the Kids - the City of Fairfax Fire Department was on hand with their fire safety emergency training trailer to teach kids fire safety and how to escape from a smoke-filled room

Model T Assembly - they put it together in less than 15 minutes and drove it off the lot - of course they said it was "as is" no warrantee for time or mileage

Music - this was a great opportunity to enjoy some Blue Grass music at the City Hall Band Stand

Early Ford V-8 60 Display - we displayed our fully restored and operational V-8 60 engine for the final time before donating it to the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum in Auburn, Indiana

Created 01/28/08