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7th Annual NVRG Poker Run

April 19, 2008

By Hank Amster

The gathering of the faithful again took place at Fair Oaks Mall on Saturday morning, April 19, 2008 for NVRG's 7th Annual Poker Run. And what a beautiful day it was, truly top-down weather. Obliging the weather gods with their open cars were Tom Shaw with two guests in his '51, the Wilds in their '66 Mustang, Bill Selley in a modern Mustang, and the Amsters in their '41. The rest of the 31 participants included Jim LaBaugh, the Burns in their '41 Woodie, the Westrates in their '39 Woodie, the Piepers in a '57 Chivvy Nomad, the Blums in their '39 Zephyr, the DuBois' in Dadís New Yorker, Don Lombard in a modern Mustang GT, the Girmans in their '53 Victoria, the Greens in their '40 Woodie, the Martins in their '51 Sedan, the McDonalds in their '53 coupe, John Sweet in a modern Ford Focus, and Greg Mensinger with friend Elaine who rode with the Piepers. 




Perfect Weather...

for open cars...

and Woodies

After the usual briefings by Don and Ken, the tour planners and leaders, the assignment of location card-stop hosts (Burns, Westrates, Girmans, Greens, Piepers, and Mr. Sweet), the entourage took off, one by one, to the first of the six legs of the Run. These stops included roadside locations in Vienna, Sterling, Lansdowne, Leesburg, and Waterford, with the final leg in Purcellville. At each of the stops, poker cards were handed to the recipients based upon their purchase commitment. The third stop included morning snacks to refresh the group. Along each of the legs, various sites were cited for identification by the participants to keep the group on its toes so that prizes could be awarded to the persons with the most correct answers. 

Don & Ken give us...

our marching orders

Snack stop with class

Cliff's Woodie

There were only two glitches to the tour. The first, a car breakdown happened, to of all participants, John Sweet in his modern Ford Focus. After assurance that AAA was on its way to rescue him, Don  Lombard left John to ponder his fate, and Don rejoined the tour group. The second problem occurred because the Town of Leesburg decided to hold a crafts fair downtown and closed the streets involved on our route. However, the drivers and their navigators rose to the occasion, some with a bit of difficulty, and managed to circumvent the area and find the appointed stop on that leg of the tour. Our last stop was in the quaint town of Waterford, which was holding its annual community yard sale. Naturally, some of the group found goodies to buy there. 

Main & Second Streets

The Corner Store...

now houses the...

the Waterford Foundation

Dave's Zephyr

Cliff's Woodie

Beautiful historic homes

Operating country store

Another Briefing

Off on the next leg

The final stop of the tour took the group to Purcellville, where we had an excellent lunch at Magnolia's at the Mill. Afterwards prize winners were announced for the most correct answers to the tour questions, as well as winners of the best poker hands. The prizes consisted of various gift certificates to Wegman's, Home Depot, Linens and Things, and Outback Steakhouse. The tour question winners were Sandra Green, Patty Girman, and Bode (Friend of Tom Shaw). Winners of the best poker hands were Elaine (Greg's Friend), John Sweet (in absentia), and Bob Wild.  

To cap off the fine fun afternoon, we motored to Round Hill and took the most picturesque Snickersville Turnpike back to Route 50 at Aldie for the balance of the trip home. It was an extremely enjoyable and fun-filled day, a wonderful one for touring in our old cars, and again a terrific and successfully planned outing by our two tour planners and leaders, Don and Ken. Truly, they have earned this position for life!

Our Route

Waterford Walking Tour

Waterford Map

Created 05/04/08