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Northern Virginia Regional Group

Tour to Bill Potter's Five Days after the Blizzard of '03

Photos courtesy of Jim McDaniel

Bill's 40' by 100' Big Top awaits our arrival just five days after the Blizzard of '03 ended. What wonders would we find inside?

Torrential rains pelted the D. C. metropolitan the day of our tour, but that didn't stop this intrepid band of V-8ers from making their way down the path towards the Big Top.

Bill on the right poses with Ken Burns, Bill Selley and Hank Amster once they're safely inside.

Bill has a fondness for '32s as you can see from this photo. A couple of three windows in the background and a five window in the foreground are works in progress. The frame on the oil drums will go under the badly butchered frame of the three window next to it.

More tour photos

Created 05/30/03