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Train Day at the Clements'

February 24, 2008

Old Car and Train Day (otherwise known as the magical mystery tour)

Sandy and Clem Clement once again proved that within the bounds of Northern Virginia lies a place that belies description in terms of normal suburban activity.  Rod Sterling would be proud of our friendsí  get together with friends of vehicular and trainicular (sic)  persuasion.  The Clementís gathering this year was even more spectacular than in years past.  Not only was the house packed with friends of model trains and antique cars, overflowing with kids of every description and food in every room but there was also conversation overflowing at every turn  that even had little to do with either cars or trains Ė imagine that!   The front lawn was overflowing with old cars (even some non-Fords) and laughing couples who seemed to be right at home with this happening in such a beautiful setting.  Several V-8s had arrived before we had to leave, including the Burnsí í41 Woodie,  an Leo Cummings' 50s Mercury, the Girman's '53 Victoria and a 38/39 pickup in addition to Clemís 38 pickup.  The Clements set aside an area of their garage just for kids to enjoy by spreading out several train layouts and other generous assortments of toys so the kids are not left out of the entertainment.   The model train layouts, by the way, have expanded , if thatís possible,  to such an extent that the Clementís house is now obviously a confirmed haven for both retired car lovers and model train nutís  or both, simultaneously or individually.   What a neat event.  The Clementís open house was an amazing success.  Thanks Sandy, thanks Clem.  Jason Javaris


Clem's Model A Cabriolet and '39 Pickup line the driveway as guests arrive

A nice variety lines the other side of the drive also

All kinds of collector cars show up...

including a neat '50 Merc monterey...

and a not-so-stock '39 pick-up

Another view of the driveway

Tommy the Tank Engine arrives in style...

and is well recieved by the kids

Clem hold up a home-made train and gives us his version of the true story

Another true story unfolds

Something for the kids to enjoy...

more kids at play

Edna Cross earns her chops as the Chief Engineer on the Clements Express

Created 03/07/08